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Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change

Whenever you find yourself on the side of  the majority
it is time to pause and reflect

The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual
pursuit that still carries any reward

Plan your life, don’t speculate with your future

Pelican Consulting sarl is a bespoke French-regulated « Conseiller en Ingénierie Patrimoniale » and International Taxation consultancy company.

Our expertise rests in advising on investment and wealth management, savings, pensions, protection of the person, and finance, loans, and mortgages.

We have foreign professional qualifications which enable us to, inter alia, advise on International Taxation and we possess French university degrees in Patrimonial Law and Taxation, and Financial Management, authorising us to advise on French legal and fiscal patrimonial matters.

We are therefore best placed to ensure that you and your estate are protected by ensuring all is structured in a manner that is both the most fiscally benign and the most judicially appropriate, and for today, tomorrow and thereafter.

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